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It’s been an intense couple of weeks here at Hockey Diaries since the latest documentary aired on NHL Radio.  If you missed it, and you want to catch up (it’s an hour long, but it feels much shorter we’re told!), you can still stream or download it here.

And if you really get into it… here’s where to hear prior seasons’ Hockey Diaries documentaries Ready to Play, The Almost Season and Winter Classic 2011.  We’ve also been experimenting with video a bit, and we’re posting bonus clips to our vimeo and tumblr sites, so we hope you’ll get a chance to see and hear some of those expanded extras.

We were thrilled (and a bit intimidated) to be interviewed by and Japers’ Rink (in one, two, three parts!) about our work.  Still not at all comfortable on the other side of the microphone, but grateful for these chances to talk about our projects, and how we’re hoping to expand the Hockey Diaries work.

So, more from us coming soon… keep an eye on our twitter feed for news.  And please get in touch, we want to know what you think!

listening update

What a weekend!  We spent two full days at Washington Capitals’ training camp at their facility in Arlington VA, starting to record interviews and on-ice sound for the new season of Hockey Diaries. Hard to believe this will be our fourth season!  It’s always an exciting time, thinking about which players to approach, and plotting storylines and sound scenes for the season-long piece.

In the meantime, we can’t wait for the 2010-2011 season piece “Hockey Diaries: Change The Game” to premiere on NHL Home Ice tomorrow, 9/19, at 6-7pmET.  We’ve just uploaded a new audio out-take from the piece this evening, and we’ve updated the listening opportunities and added some new info about interviews.   We hope you get a chance to take a listen and tell us what you think.

change the game

Happy to let you know that this year’s Hockey Diaries documentary, “Change the Game”, will debut on NHL Home Ice on XM/Sirius on September 19 from 6-7pmET.  Coach Boudreau will be on at 5:45pmET, leading into the airing of the piece.  And earlier that day (around 8:40amET), we’ll be on the morning show for a chat with host Mike Ross about the making of the piece.  We hope you get a chance to listen in!  Watch this space, and follow us on twitter, for more updates about player interviews, repeat air times, and opportunities to listen to the piece online.  We’ll share that information as soon as we have it; it’s all in the works.  We’ve also been posting bonus audio, photographs and video from the project.   Take a look/listen, let us know what you think.  What would you like to see and hear more of, from Hockey Diaries?

quick update

This year’s Hockey Diaries documentary is finished! We’ve been making final tweaks through the week and weekend, and the piece is now (finally!) done. We’re giving it one last listen right now, then we’ll upload it to NHL Radio overnight. We can’t wait for you to hear it. It’s looking like September 19th *might* be the launch air date — but this isn’t finalized yet; we should know all the details by Tuesday. We’ll keep that info updated here, and on twitter.  We went to the first day of rookie camp for the Washington Capitals today; lots of hard work happening out there on the ice and behind the scenes.  And so it begins again…


It struck me today that we worked on this year’s Hockey Diaries project from a lot of different places during the season, spanning two continents.  Here’s the list: Arlington, VA; Washington, DC; Denver, CO; Anchorage, AK; Cape Town, South Africa (and for hours over the Atlantic, en route!); Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; Louisville, KY; Seattle, WA; Leavenworth, WA; Chicago, IL; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Arusha, Tanzania (and for hours over the Atlantic, again!)

It felt strange, working on Hockey Diaries in Tanzania. We were there for an unrelated work project, but the documentary deadlines still had to be met. I worked on the script in the evenings, listening to tape from practices, games and locker room interviews. And it was unsettling (keep reading hockey diaries here)

closing the gap

This long weekend we’re completing the layup and mix of the latest Hockey Diaries radio documentary, from the 2010-2011 season.  It’s due to air on NHL Radio sometime the week of September 12, before the start of training camp for the Washington Capitals.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated about opportunities to listen, both live and online.

Some nitpicky radio stuff if you’re interested:  NHL Radio has agreed to air the entire piece without commercial breaks again this year.  This makes it easier to sustain the story across the full hour, without any repetition or recapping, and that makes for a better listening experience for you — which is what counts!  We usually build in a :60 second break at the end of the hour instead.  But…
(keep reading hockey diaries here)